Pastors Profile

Profile of Pastor Edward Sterling

Ed profile picture V1As a young boy Edward left his beloved Grandmother in Jamaica in 1970 and travelled with his brother to Sheffield in South Yorkshire, England where they settled into life in the local community and church.
Edward believes he was especially blessed as a young man in Sheffield as great men of God; founders in the New Testament Church of God were instrumental in his life. He made his Christian commitment as a teenager and gave his heart to the Lord under the ministry of Bishop FF Poyser, he was baptised by Bishop Curtis Gray in Leeds in a group of twelve young men at the time, and he was taught by Bishop TE Caine and mentored by Bishop GB Henry.

Young people in Sheffield were actively encouraged to be involved in church life and so in his mid teens Edward became a Sunday School teacher for the 9 -11 age group and at twenty was a regular Sunday School van driver.

This participation extended to involvement in youth events at a local and district level and taking on greater levels of responsibility including speaking engagements.
Edward is a people person and has always communicated across the age groups but young people have a special place in Edward’s heart. He became local youth director in Bradford and then Leeds District Youth Director and also sat on the National Youth and CE Board. He is an engineer and currently works for a private health care company as a Property Manager for the north of England and Scotland. Edward has the support of his wife of 30 years Denise and his adult children Danielle and Nathan.
Edward is committed to using his gifts in the body of Christ and giving his best for the Kingdom .He testifies of God’s faithfulness to him over the years and of the assurance he has that this will continue as he moves into pastoral ministry. Edward believes that he has been empowered to “love in word, in deed and in truth” (1 John 3:18)