About Us

Welcome to the New Testament Church of God in Bradford. We are a community orientated and Bible based church, located in the heart of inner city Bradford.

We believe that the transforming power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, can and will make a difference in your life. I hope you find the information within the web site useful, if you are in or near the Bradford area, why not join us at one of our lively vibrant worship services, where the anointed Word of God is preached with clarity and effect, and a very warm welcome awaits you.

Pastor Edward Sterling


14320888_mThe New Testament Church of God was first established in Bradford in 1959 from very humble beginnings meeting in church members homes then moving on to community halls etc.  They were eventually able to purchase a church building on Ingebly Road in Girlington, Bradford. This building was affectionately known by the church members as the Tin Chapel because half of its construction was made of corrugated iron.  Some years later the site where the church was situated was acquired by the Morrison’s Supermarket Group and the church moved to its present location on Necropolis Road, Lidget Green, Bradford 7.

The New Testament Church of God in Bradford is a Pentecostal Church, evangelical in its theology and charismatic in its practice. Our church is a community church in the truest sense with a range of ministries seeking to meet the needs of church members and the wider community alike, all are very welcome.